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Class Dübs "A" "Umbilo" - Natal Government Railway (NGR No.88)
Built in 1892 by Dübs & Co., works number ???

Original numbering 97-197 from 1888
Driving wheel 3ft 3ins.
Cylinders 2 x 17ins.x 21ins.
Valve gear: Stephenson's Link Motion
Bolier Pressure: 160 psi
Grate Size: 15.7 square feet
Tractive Force: 18,670 lbs.
Length: 32 ft. ½ins.
Weight: 47 tons 1,300lbs.
Axle Load: 9 tons 900lbs.
Tender Weight: n/a
Coal Capacity: 9¼ tons
Water Capacity: 1,062 gallons
Tender Types: n/a

This is the loco that started Umgeni Steam Railway in 1982, 90-years after the loco was built.

It was donated to us and it was used for many years carrying passengers from New Germany Power Station to Pinetown

Built in 1892 and used by Natal Government Railways on the Durban Point-Bluff route

Dubs "A" NGR No.88
In Pinetown yard - 27th January 2008
Dubs "A"
Dubs "A" and 14R
Umbilo being shunted
Shunted at Pinetown yard by diesel 35-679 - 27th January 2008
Dubs "A" traction