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Links to other steam sites - Cape and 2-foot guage and live steam

Friends of the Choo-Tjoe
Founded in August 2010 there has been a steady stream of people who wish to know more about the Friends of the Choo-Tjoo.  

We endeavour to keep up the interest in Friends as we see it imperative that we grow a sizeable membership with which we can best influence the 'powers that be' to support the reintroduction of steam to the George Knysna line.

It is in this vein that several talks have been given recently to the Knysna Historical Society and the Knysna Branch of U3A. Each one generates a few more Members.
North British Locomotive Preservation Group

Glasgow's world famous North British Locomotive Company was formed in 1903 by the amalgamation of three existing firms, Dübs, Neilson Reid and Sharp Stewart and it soon became Europe's largest and most prolific builder of steam locomotives.

The NBL Preservation Group was formed in 1990 when a small band of NBL Society members decided to preserve some additional North British steam locomotives outside of the Society framework. As originally constituted, the Group consisted only of a few private individuals who funded all the projects and was [then] not open to public membership.

At the present time, the Preservation Group is actively trying to repatriate Dübs A Class 4-8-2 Tank No.196 and NBL Class 24 2-8-4 No.3647 from South Africa and is assisting Glasgow Transport Museum with it’s North British 15F 4-8-2 project. We have also bid to purchase a surplus NBL Class 19D 4-8-2 locomotive from Transnet.

For more information on activities and newsletters link to
or Ken Livermore, the Hon. Secretary, on +44 (0) 1189 691 147

Sandstone Heritage Trust

Preserving the best of our past for the future

Sandstone Heritage Trust is a centre of excellence in the global preservation movement. At Sandstone Estates in the Eastern Free State of South Africa there is a large steam locomotive workshop for narrow gauge railway, one of the world's most comprehensive collections of tractors and other agricultural equipment, together with a team of motivated, professional and dedicated enthusiasts to ensure restoration work is undertaken to the highest standards and skills are passed on to the next generation.
Visit us at

Friends of the Rail

The club was started in 1986 by a group of local Pretoria-based railway enthusiasts, who were Railway Society of Southern Africa members. The problems of traveling to Johannesburg to attend the RSSA meetings and events, and the steam activities still happening in the Pretoria area prompted the formation of the Association.

Reef Steamers

The main aim of Reefsteamers is based around preservation of steam locomotives, they run day trips for public at large and when they have an opportunity we run longer tours for steam enthusiasts to generate revenue to plough it back into the preservation of locomotives and rolling stock.

Steam Trains in South Africa

Steam Trains SA - track

For a live steam site visit them and others:

SAR Steam
SAR Steam

This site contains pretty much everything related to South African Railways full size steam and live steam locomotives.

Geoff's Trains

Welcome to our fascinating world of railway holidays

Whether you enjoy an occasional train trip or the terrestrial equivalent to a cruise ship, we can organize a railway themed holiday tailored to your individual interests.

We arrange tours for train travelers and steam railway enthusiasts in Africa, Britain, Europe and north America. Some trips last a day, others a few weeks. Choose how much of your holiday to spend on the rails and we can suggest a trip especially for you.

Transport in South Africa

Looks good at high speed doesn't it

For trains and rail in South and Southern Africa, with a bit of international rail mixed in, visit

The Apple Express

Apple Express

For the Apple Express in Port Elizabeth visit them on
Cape Railway Enthusiast Association

CREA was formed in 1991 to cater for the active railway enthusiast in the Cape Town area. Regular meetings of a social and railway-entertainment nature are held at members' homes on the second Tuesday of the month, a bi-monthly newsletter is produced and our is well maintained, keeping all members up to date with railway matters in the Cape. We also organise train trips and outings to events of railway and general interest for members and their families. In addition, CREA provides guidance to members and overseas visitors touring SA on rail-fan trips through notes, maps and train schedules

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Atlantic Rail

Atlantic Rail - Capetown steam train services

Paul Kilfoil's World of Travel

Passenger and freight trains in South Africa are run by Spoornet, the national rail operator. MetroRail runs commuter trains in major cities. There are also a few privately operated trains - luxury tourist trains, narrow-gauge trips operated by enthusiasts and occasional steam excursions. South Africa's countrywide rail network uses a 3 foot 6 inch (1067 mm) gauge, except for a few narrow gauge lines - such as the Apple Express, the [now defunct] Banana Express and the Patons Country Narrow Gauge Railway.

The 2 Foot Preservation Trust
2 Foot Trust

Standard guage in SA is 3' 6" but some of the old branch lines were only 2'.

This society is dedicated to preserving locos and rolling stock of this guage.