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Pietermaritzburg Station and Masons Mill Yard

Pietermaritzburg Station
The station is at the end of Edendale Road, leading into Keate Street and Pine Street, close to the junction with Longmarket Street

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PMB station
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From the N3 northbound from Durban:
Travel north until the main exit off the N3 - Exit-76 - used to be called "Durban Road".
After you reach the city center continue to travel along "Commercial Road ", turn left into "Loop Street" (4th set of traffic lights in CBD and one-way). This is actually the forth set of traffic lights after "Durban Road" reaches the city center, or the 8th set after leaving the freeway.
Travel to the top of "Loop Street " and turn right at the end following the road keeping left in to the station car park.
The station is on the left hand side, parking (with car guards is outside the station).

If all else fails turn somewhere left in the CBD and follow your nose - not literally - to the station to your right.

From the N3 southbound from Hilton:
Travel south until Exit-83 "
Chatterton Road / City".
Straight across at the traffic circle and proceed along "
Chatterton Road".

Chatterton Road" now becomes "Boshoff Street" at the first set of traffic lights so turn right at the 7th set of traffic lights into
Longmarket Street" and proceed to the end.
Turn right and the station is on the left hand side, parking (with car guards is outside the station).

Turn right at the 1st set of traffic lights into "
Victoria Road" and turn left at the 4th set into of traffic lights into "West Street"
and at the 5th set of traffic lights turn right into "Longmarket Street".
Turn right and the station is on the left hand side.

MASONS MILL YARD, Pietermaritzburg - departure point for the "THE SOUTH COASTER" TRAIN
Sunday 17th May 2009

Follow the directions above for Pietermaritzburg Station, in Pine Street, this changes to Keate Road (the M70) , toward Edendale past the end of Loop Street. The entrance to Masons Mill is about 2KMs from the entrance to Pietermaritzburg station.

Cross over all the speed-bumps outside the Huletts Aluminium factory and continue up the road under the railway bridge.

The turning to the Masons Mill Yard is about 1KM on your right hand side past the factory.

On entering the road to Masons Mill PLEASE BEWARE OF TRAINS CROSSING FROM BOTH DIRECTIONS but keep to the right, across the tracks and turn left beind the old station buildings.

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PMB-Masons Mill
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GPS = -29.610043, 30.368099
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