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Welcome to Umgeni Steam Railway

Grain Train

Running day trains - a diesel hauled loco is being used for the trains until "Wesley" returns to steam

Saturday 24th September bookings now open for 08h30 "Chase the Cars" train
Saturday 24th September bookings now open for 12h30 train
Sunday 25th September bookings now open for 08h30 and 12h30 trains
Sunday 30th October bookings now open for 08h30 and 12h30 trains

Please join our Facebook group to see how we are progressing with our repair program


Whilst at Inchanga please don't forget to visit the Inchanga Tea Garden and Museum.

Not only can you enjoy some of their home made cruisine but they do offer personalised "one-on-one" tours of the museum and the railway yard.

Tours are offered during the week and the weekend, except the days when the train is running.

Their website is found at

This picture is courtesy of our esteemed CME and driver Mr. Simon Anderson

Simon's Pic

Pierre Retief has submitted this for the enthusiast to enjoy...

Pierre Retief 19D

Dianne Abate has submitted the following two for the enthusiast to enjoy....

Dianne Abate (1)

A very rare pic of "Wesley" the 19D No.2685 heading the Garratt GF "Billy" No.2380 at Inchanga Station

Dianne Abate (2)

Greg Hart and Ryan Fincham have submitted these photographs to share.

Class 19D "Wesley" pulling an empty "ballast train" back to Inchanga - Sunday 25th November 2012
The ballast had been used to re-stock the line south of Bothas Hill, the train and then continued to Kloof
This is the first time a train has run on the line since end of January 2012

Ballast Train(1)

We thank Pierre, Dianne and Greg for their submissions and would remind all visitors who want to "copy" these that Copyright exists on them :)

If you have a good photograph that you would like to be displayed here please send to the webmaster


You will be able to receive updates on train operation, special trains, competitions, special offers etc.

Mareen 2010

Maureen - February 2012

"Maureen" - taking empty stock back to Inchanga from Kloof on her last outing February 2012
Copyright 2012 and Courtesy of Robert Sugden

Ryan's 3BR
Courtesy of Ryan Fincham - "Maureen" Class-3BR No.1486, near Alverstone, January 2012

Normal Kloof-Inchanga-Kloof trains departing at 08h30 and 12h30

Prices for normal Kloof-Inchanga-Kloof running day trains
Adults R200.00, Children (2-12) and Pensioners (over 65) R140.00

Due to the ever increasing price of coal and other resources we reserve the right to change the price of fares as circumstances arise

For any USR website problems or booking enquiries phone Bruce on 087 808 7715


Look like a model railway but it is the real thing !
Our train entering the old Hillcrest Station (now Station Masters Arms)
Courtesy and Copyright 2010 of Steve McCurrach of Airserv

Booking Form Here

Our GPS co-ordinates for Kloof Station are: S29° 47’ 29.1” E030° 50’ 00.2” and
Inchanga Station: S29° 44’ 32.2” E030° 39’ 46.8”


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"Maureen", the 1912 built Class 3BR, exhausts steam from the cylinder cocks as she pulls out of Kloof
on her first trip after being out of service for 3-months - Sunday May 3rd 2009
Copyright and courtesy Trevor Steenkamp (2009)

19D No.2685
"Wesley" Class 19D No.2685 near Alvestone
December 2007
Copyright and courtesy Brendon Anderson (2007)
"Maureen" Class 3BR No.1486 at Inchanga Station
May 2008
Copyright and courtesy Graham Gillett (2008)

Drivers Kit

Did you know that "NATAL" 0-4-0 was the first steam locomotive to haul a passenger train in South Africa
It ran between Market Square, Durban and the Point (3.2 Kilometers) on 26th June, 1860

"BLACKIE" 0-4-2 hauled the first train between Cape Town and Eersterivier on 13th February, 1862.

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